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Yellow Teeth are the First Sign of Aging

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Jun 3, 2015 1:43:00 PM

Many of the selfie generation are astute to the slightest sign of aging and looking good. Wrinkles be banished! Out with the saggy, double chin, or that dreaded receding hairline! And you wouldn't be caught dead with a uni-brow problem or hair in your nose.

What most people don't realize is your teeth and mouth could be aging faster than the rest of you. All the cosmetics in the world won't make a bit of difference if your teeth are yellow or chipped. People will look at your teeth. If they're yellow, or discolored - they are the first visible sign of aging other people will see. And trust us, people will assume the worst. So, what is the truth about teeth and do they really age or have to?

Frankly, with good care, they can be as young as we'd like them to be. None of us needs to display a snaggle tooth! Teeth will tell on us if we ignore them. They are a good measurement of age. Veterinarians have known that for years. Obviously, these doctors can't ask their patients how old they are, so they look in their mouths. Once, puppies, kittens, colts, or piglets reach adulthood - the condition of their teeth tell their age and their health. Some of the first signs of disease show up in the mouth. That is true for humans too.

Do Teeth Really Age?

Good oral hygiene and regular dental checkups go a long way to stopping what many people consider the "natural" aging process of teeth. There are many misconceptions about that. It is thought by many that teeth get brittle as we age. What actually happens is wear and tear, which can create fine cracks and fissures in our teeth. Teeth can lose calcium or demineralize, which breaks them down too. And just think about all the chewing, chomping, gnashing and grinding teeth must endure on a daily basis. They work harder during the week than we do. It is no wonder that they develop tiny flaws or chips over time. Under normal conditions, they do not get brittle. 

They do become yellow or discolored due to staining and improper dental care. Despite what your face make look like, your teeth can make you look 20 to 30 years older just because they are New Call-to-action discolored or chipped. If you grind (have bruxism) your teeth, you may have even more of a problem that can lead to breakage.

This is where dentists like Fairfield Dental Associates can help. Dr. Katherine Finkel can see if you are secretly grinding your teeth (most of that is done in our sleep or when we are stressed). She can also remove the calculus, grime and plaque buildup that give teeth their dingy, aged appearance. Years of plaque can seriously age your teeth. Enamel can erode and gums can recede. Enamel erosion reveals the dentin in your teeth, which then absorbs coffee, tea, wine and other stains. Voila! Yucky teeth. Years of plaque can also damage your gums and lead to gingivitis and periodontal disease. 

Why Brushing Alone Doesn't Cut It

Contrary to what you may believe, brushing and flossing are not enough. You need to see the dentist twice a year and have professional cleanings to keep your pearly whites pearly. Dr. Katherine Finkel can get you on a beautiful smile regimen that includes healthy eating and proper brushing techniques. We offer cosmetic dentistry makeovers and at-home and in-office teeth whitening. Let Fairfield Dental Associates reverse the clock on your face. Contact us for a free cosmetic dental consultation. You will be glad you did.

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