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Dental Technology = Enhanced Results

At Fairfield Dental Associates, we use the latest technology to enhance the patient experience, optimize patient comfort and provide pain-free dentistry.

Computerized Smile Imaging – Now you can preview the “new you” before any cosmetic treatment begins. Whether your cosmetic or restorative procedure involves simple teeth whitening, porcelain crowns or porcelain veneers, our computerized smile imaging can help you see the results you can achieve following treatment.

State-of-the-Art Dental X-ray Systems – Our all digital x-ray units are designed to optimize precision, patient comfort and protection. Digital x-rays limit patient exposure to radiation by two-thirds as compared to previous x-ray systems.

Intra-Oral Camera – A valuable high-tech device for the doctor in diagnosis, and for patient education and participation in treatment planning. An intra-oral camera system uses a tiny, wand-shaped video camera and a computer monitor to deliver clear, enlarged views of tooth structures and soft tissues, shown either on a TV screen or in a color photograph.

Sterilization Center – With your health and safety as our top priorities, we use an automated instrument cleaner to first clean all our patient-care instruments, followed by heat-sterilization. With every sterilization cycle, we use color-change indicators to ensure that sterilizing conditions have been met, and we routinely test our sterilizers to be sure that they are working properly.

Office Computerization – Our advanced practice management software system provides an accurate record of each patient visit, including digital x-rays, helping us to work efficiently and respect our patients’ time and confidentiality.